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Technical Notes
4150 Gen. Purpose Probe
4119 and 4120 Waterproof Probes
4116 and 4126 Spring-Loaded Probes
41000 Series Probes
42000 Series Products
Special Category Probes
Connection Heads
Platinum/Thermocouple Transmitters
Temperature Sensors

Special Category Probes

These are a few of many custom styles, catalogued because of uniqueness or popularity.

Drawings on the following pages indicate their features and limitations and the available options.



4151 Miniature Probe                                                         4151-6-48-PT139P-(  )-(  )

Model Number________________________________________4151

Sheath Length in Inches_____________________________________6

Cable Length in Inches________________________________________48

Sensor Part Number (PT138, PT139 only)____________________________PT139P

Options (refer to drawing and to 4150 Options)________________________________(  )-(  )



4153 Bendable Probe                                                     4153ET-6.00-120-6-PT138W-(  )-(  )

Model Number (4153ET or 4153FT)______________________4153ET

Tip Length (4153ET only, 12" maximum- no dimension for 4153FT)_____6.00

Overall Length in Inches___________________________________________120

Cable Length in Inches________________________________________________6

Sensor Part Number (from Sensor Section)__________________________________PT138W

Options (refer to drawing)________________________________________                                 (  )-(  )



4159 Waterproof Probe                                                   4159-3/16-12-250-PT139W-(  )-(  )

Model Number______________________________________4159

Sheath Diameter (1/8, 3/16, 1/4")____________________________3/16

Sheath Length in Inches________________________________________12

Cable Length in Feet______________________________________________250

Sensor Part Number (from Sensor Section- TC not available)__________________PT139W

Options (refer to drawing and to 4150 Options)_____________________________________(  )-(  )



4160 Waterproof Probe                                                 4160-100-TH44033-(  )-(  )

Model Number_____________________________________4160

Cable Length in Feet______________________________________100

Sensor Part Number (from Sensor Section- TC not available)__________TH44033

Options (refer to drawing and to 4150 Options)______________________________(  )-(  )


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